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March 21, 2013

On the Money with Peter Hebert, “See that no man deceive you,” March 20, 2013

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This installment of On the Money with Peter Hebert is titled “See that no man deceive you.” Jesus Christ said that. Who remembers the warning?
Hill & Knowlton, a top public relations firm in Washington, D.C., aided and abetted in the fraud on the federal government in the run up to war on Iraq.

Yes, the war on Iraq was based on lies layered on top of other lies.

About ten years after U.S. entanglement in Iraq thanks to the foreign policy of the Neo Cons, about 4,000 American soldiers died. The suicide rate among veterans outpaced the kill rate of the enemy. And, we got straddled with a $2.2 trillion debt just for Iraq though the Congressional Budget Office had estimated a cost of $14 billion for the war at $8 billion to $10 billion per month just to stay there. It was all based on lies … as much a lie as the federal government’s promises to China and Japan that we will repay them for buying U.S. treasuries to fund the war.

Take heed. “See that no man deceive you.” But, deception and unrepayable debt is the playbook that the federal government of the U.S. goes by.

Rogue nation states, axis of evil, Al-Qaeda, chemical attacks, WMDs, nukes, and babies in incubators … they all have the same thing in common. Lies, frauds, and deceptions used to justify war.

The U.S. is backing the Syrian rebels against the established government.

Syrian locals claimed that the Syrian rebels used chemical laden bombs.

Israel wants a 1,000 mile burn zone, a buffer zone, around the Jewish state.

The prophet Isaiah said that Damascus would cease to exist as a city. “Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city, And it will be a ruinous heap.” (Isaiah 17:1) Obama and Netanyahu will be there to help fulfill this dark prophecy.

March 13, 2013

On the Money with Peter Hebert, “Sede Vacante … No Mas,” March 13, 2013

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Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina is the 266th pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Onlookers around the world wept when Pope Francis asked for the prayers of the faithful and when he said the Our Father from the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.

(Photo from WSJ.com)

Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope. The Jesuits were formed during the reformation, and served as a counter reformation to both political and theological protestantism. This turbulent period in Western history was the end of the era of great city cathedrals, the beginning of the printing press, the many efforts to translate the Bible into many languages, the Thirty Years War, and the birth of the secular nation state.

Pope Francis is the new defender of the orthodox (sound doctrine) and universal aka ‘catholic’ (non ethnic-based) faith in Jesus Christ. As such, the Pope will defend traditional marriage between men and women, families, the unborn, and natural death. These family values are rooted in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

Around the world, the order of the mass in a Roman Catholic service is virtually the same. Any Roman Catholic will feel at home in a church service whether in South America, North America, or any part of the world, because there is a prescribed order to the mass. Priests do not make it up as they go along. There is no search for new winds of doctrines. There are no signs and wonders. There is, instead, a consistent proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, an affirmation of the Nicene Creed, and a declaration of the promised return of Jesus Christ.

The media babbles about “forward thinking” values like gay marriage, abortion, contraception, and the like while not realizing that the church is a spiritual body, not a natural – spiritually unregenerate – body. The world embraces those “forward thinking” values, which are backwards and regressive to the spiritually minded.

When Jesus Christ said, “Repent. Follow Me.” It means turn your back on the world’s values, because they are contrary to God’s values. What does it mean to follow Jesus Christ? Believe. Go to church … listen, read, learn, confess and repent, pray, worship, and do as the Lord instructs.

Viva la papa!

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