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January 12, 2012

War Mongering Politicians: Drunks and Idiots

Filed under: Commentary — Peter Hebert @ 7:56 PM

Mullahs in Iran with missiles and bombs, Council on Foreign Relations frontmen in the White House with influence on the button to nuclear warheads, Zionists in Israel with missiles, bombs, and also nuclear technology … what’s the difference? None. Absolutely none. They are all madmen.

Or are they … madmen? Iran is the only one of these three that has not attacked another nation. The Iraq and Iran war was the result of Iraqi aggression.

All nations have the right to self defense. And, only drunks and idiots fail to anticipate that Iran will not defend itself against an attack prompted by Israel and America’s politically active Zionists. Only drunks and idiots fail to fully consider the blow back to their own homelands by antagonizing or attacking Iran.

Iran has been accused of having religious madmen there. And what about Israel and the United States of America? Israeli rabbis have claimed that Palestinian Arabs are the descendants of Amalek. Such an absurd decree – a Torah-based fatwah – unleashes the law of genocide laid down by Moses. America’s “Christian” right – rather than pursuing peace – is all too happy to see a conflagration in the middle east.

Why do they hate us? It’s about idiotic foreign policy. What we sow, is what we will reap. If we live by the sword, we will die by the sword.

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