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November 18, 2011

Obama Nation, the Bombs, and the Bullets

Filed under: Commentary — Peter Hebert @ 6:44 AM

Sometime not long ago, Americans turned a dark corner. As we turned that corner, Americans lost respect for its institutions that included the federal government, the corporate sector, and the mainstream media.

It started with 9/11, the Patriot Act, and the so-called “war on terror.” These resulted in a war on the Muslim and Arab world in order to seize their resources; and a war on Americans by implementing a police state within the United States of America.

The financial crisis revealed political incompetence, legislative and regulatory malfeasance, regulatory capture; and a culture of corruption in the White House, the Congress, and the Supreme Court. We the People responded with the Tea Party. This was largely white middle aged Americans with traditional values. The singular slogan was, “We want our country back!” Left of center media whores dismissed these Americans as racists and neo-Nazis, who disliked Obama because of his black skin color. The Tea Party took the high road and worked within the political system.

Obama, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, then bombed Libya, which never attacked the United States of America. There was no just war theory at play. The war on Libya lacked merit for American involvement. Yet, America bombed Libya.

Then the economic crisis followed. Foreclosures, unemployment, food stamps, corporate fraud with no accountability, and big bonuses in the financial sector were among the many unsettling headlines. We the People responded with the Occupy Wall Street movement. People poured out into the streets of many cities across the nation. The Occupy Movement took the low road and worked by creating fire and smoke on the streets of the many cities across the nation. It was as if the Greek riots were paying America a special visit. Right of center media whores dismissed these Americans as lazy hippies.

In pop culture, black rappers sang about Obama as a fraud, a New World Order puppet, and CIA insider.

Then 21-year-old Oscar Ortega-Hernandez drove from Idaho to Occupy D.C. He hated Obama and saw the President as the Antichrist. After Ortega-Hernandez fired bullets into the White House, he left his car, and ran away. Police caught him. Occupy San Diego then held a “moment of silence in solidarity with” Oscar Ortega-Hernandez. (See http://www.theblaze.com/stories/occupy-san-diego-holds-moment-of-silence-for-white-house-shooting-suspect/). This moment of stupidity had the hallmarks of the legalize marijuana crowd.

Hating Obama’s policies is not difficult. Hating Bush’s policies was not difficult either. Both Bush and Obama are the worst Presidents in American history. And, both are Antichrist-like figures. A political leader’s actions speak for themselves. This charge against Obama is not new and was all over You Tube videos during the 2008 election period.

Microchips pushed onto the public via legislation, unjust wars, and murdered civilians abroad don’t quite make for a popular President. What comes to mind, frankly, is the the phrase from the Gospels: “the abomination that makes desolate.” Jesus Christ said, “The devil is a thief, liar, and a murderer.” That describes our recent war mongering political leaders in the two party system.

I don’t think We the People are going back around the corner from where we once were. We’re calling it as we see it come what may. I am sticking with the basics and the facts. “We want our country back!”


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