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November 10, 2011

The “New” Al Qaeda: The CIA’s Boots on the Ground

Filed under: Commentary — Peter Hebert @ 3:47 PM

Several years ago, many would have dismissed the types of charges coming from members of Congress as coming from a misfit or conspiracy theorist. The problem, however, is those misfits and conspiracy theorists of the past were probably right about their many outrageous claims. The truth is stranger than fiction, and the truth always comes out.

Al Qaeda, the CIA funded and trained “organization,” redeemed itself and delivered Libya to NATO. American and European corporations were ecstatic. This is the new Al Qaeda. The CIA’s boots on the ground. Al Qaeda suporters placed the corpse of Kaddafi in a refrigerator for Libyans to drive by, take a look, and wave good bye.

As Adolf Hitler once said, “I have seen the new man. He is intrepid and cruel. I was afraid of him.”

Mainstream media pundits, many of whom are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, present the “Arab Spring” as precursor to the spread of liberal democracy in the middle east. But, democracy is a product of the West, not the Arab or Muslim world. Yet, these media pundits want the American public to believe freedom in the middle east is taking place.

Why would the State Department and the CIA want to see the overthrow of U.S.-supported dictators in north Africa and the middle east? It should be obvious what will likely come out this is the rise of a pan Islamic state run by the Muslim Brotherhood. Why would the United States foment such a revolt? Wouldn’t an Islamic state, radicalized by a populist dislike of Zionism, result in more tensions in the region?

Welcome to the New World Order.


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  1. I did not even know they had a flag.
    Sure it is not the MUUslim Brotherhooods flag.
    Ask Ummah Wiener’s, Hillary’s faithful lapdog and M.B. sympathisier, if any would know it would be her… what ever happened to Tony.?

    Comment by iam2520 — November 11, 2011 @ 4:50 PM

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