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November 29, 2011

Adrian Salbuchi, “George Orwell’s guide to the news,” Russia Today, November 29, 2011

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George Orwell’s guide to the news

Protesters organized by Occupy Chicago and Stand Up Chicago march through downtown November 17, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois (AFP Photo / Scott Olson) 19.11, 08:48


‘A lot of media belongs to 1% that OWS rally against’

Social media is key in getting OWS protesters together as a lot of the mainstream media belong to the very 1 per cent of the wealthy and powerful that the OWS are protesting against, an activist for the action group has told RT.

Occupy Wall Street

Wall Street protester holds up a sign at Zuccotti Park where hundreds of other activists are living on October 11, 2011 in New York City (AFP Photo / Spencer Platt) 13.10, 00:40


Mainstream media vs. Occupy Wall Street – the battle

While the mainstream media criticizes the demonstrators for being anarchist hippies, corporate media outlets don’t actually go into the crowd that much to listen to what the frustrated people have to say.

Occupy Wall Street

A handout picture released by the Local Coordination Committees of Syria (LCC Syria) shows Syrian anti-government demonstrators flashing victory signs during a protest in Idlib in northwest Syria on September 30, 2011 (AFP Photo / HO / LCC Syria) 06.10, 11:35


Mainstream media skewed on Syria

The mainstream media’s quick reaction often costs it in terms of fact-checking. As human rights groups continue to sound the alarm over multiple arrests and killings in Syria, one high-profile victim has made an amazing reappearance.

Arab world protests

New York : Demonstrators with "Occupy Wall Street" occupy Zuccotti Park on September 29, 2011 in New York. (AFP Photo/ Timothy A.Clary) 30.09, 01:52


Mainstream media – watchdog or lap dancer?

Mainstream media coverage of the release of the American hikers from Iran has highlighted the decreasing role of the media as a watchdog.

Ron Paul (Scott Olson / Getty Images / AFP) 16.08, 21:10


Mainstream media’s blackout on Ron Paul

Suppressed; shafted; screwed. Those are just a scattering of the words being tied with GOP candidate Ron Paul following Saturday’s Straw Poll in Ames, Iowa, despite the congressman’s second-place finish.

US Election 2012

Mainstream media won't report on CIA's secret sites 15.07, 01:54

Mainstream media won’t report on CIA’s secret sites

As the CIA expands covert missions, it’s no surprise than many of their operations go unreported. Jeremy Scahill of The Nation says, though, that many outlets are aware of some injustice carried out by the CIA and are just failing to report them.

RT vs. the mainstream media 02.06, 02:14


RT vs. the mainstream media

In an interview on NPR a guest from Globalmediawars.com, Nathanael Massey, described RT’s coverage for on “On the Media,” as entertainment news without substance.

Libya, Tripoli: Mourners take part in the funeral of people killed on May 13, during a NATO air strike on the eastern city of Brega, at the Martyr's cemetery in Tripoli on May 14, 2011. (AFP Photo / Mahmud Turkia) 25.06, 00:55


The media isn’t reporting the meaning behind Libya

We know the American media is in Libya, but why aren’t they reporting on the military operation that more and more of the country is saying that they are opposed to?

<a href=”http://local.mb.rian.ru/cgi-bin/href/rian_eng.eng_rttv?28831” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://local.mb.rian.ru/cgi-bin/banner/rian_eng.eng_rttv?28831&options=NVTA” alt=”Баннерообменная сеть РИА Новости” width=”300″ height=”210″ border=”0″ ismap=”ismap”></a>

George Orwell’s guide to the news

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Published: 29 November, 2011, 16:37

George Orwell’s '1984' wasn't meant to be a guide...

George Orwell’s ‘1984’ wasn’t meant to be a guide…

TAGS: Conflict, Thrills&Spills, Politics, Internet, Mass media

The Western mainstream media falsifies the news resorting to euphemisms, half-truths and lies in the best (worst) style of George Orwell’s novel 1984. We all live in the unreal world of “Newspeak” used by the Global Power Elite to control our minds.

Man gets confused when things that happen around him and to him, or which are done in his name, cannot be properly grasped, understood or made sense of. Normally, such confusion leads to inaction. If you’re lost at night in the middle of a forest but you can still see the stars, then a bit of astronomical knowledge will at least quickly tell you which way is north. But if it’s cloudy or you’re ignorant of the constellations in starry heaven, then you might as well light up a fire and do nothing until dawn…. You’re Lost!

Today, mainstream media coverage uses programmed distortion, confusion, even outright lying when its Money Power masters order it to support the “official story” on any major political, economic or financial process. When looked at closely, however, the “official story” of things can be seen to be inaccurate, misleading, often hardly believable if not downright stupid.

Examples of this: Iraq’s inexistent WMD’s leading to the invasion and destruction of that country; global mega-banker bail-outs with taxpayer money; irrational US diplomatic, military, financial and ideological alignment to Israeli objectives; “we-killed-Osama-Bin-Laden-and-dumped-his-body-into-the-sea”; and the wide array of “whodunits” surrounding 9/11 in New York and Washington, 7/7 in London, the AMIA/Israeli Embassy attacks in Buenos Aires in 1992/1994, and – of course – that all time favorite: who shot JFK…?

These are but a few of the paradigmatic cases that have at least served to trigger millions of people to wake up and think with their own minds instead of the mainstream media’s! But unfortunately the vast majority of such cases are not so clear-cut. The vast majority of Newspeak lies are like knots, difficult to untie as they carry built-in complexity resembling Gordian Knots. And, as with all Gordian Knots, you need to cut right through them, and this requires swift and precise action plus a good measure of intellectual courage.

To give an example of what we say, let’s take a quick look at how a “Newspeak” operation works. It requires sequential planning, it requires time, it requires proper logistics, it requires “credible” spokespeople in public and private sectors, it requires choosing the right words and images at the right time and in the right circumstances.

So, let’s say the Global Power Elite – working through the governments of the US, UK, EU into which they are deeply embedded, and joint-venturing with a wide array of media outlets, defense companies, oil companies, security and construction companies, and powerful lobbies – decide that they wish to overrun and destroy a specific country… Libya, for example…

How do they ensure that “the international community” will just quietly look on (except for the still relatively small minority of voices that are increasingly raising hell against them)?

The Seven Step Mainstream Media Country Destruction Guide

1. First, they start by targeting a country ripe for “Regime Change”, and brand it a “rogue state”; then…

2. They arm, train, finance local terrorist groups through CIA, MI6, Mossad, Al-Qaeda (a CIA operation), drug cartels (often CIA operations) and call them “freedom fighters”; then…

3. As mock UN Security Council Resolutions are staged that rain death and destruction upon millions of civilians, they call it “UN sanctions to protect civilians”; then…

4. They spread flagrant lies through their “newsrooms” and paid journalists, and call it “the international community’s concerns expressed by prestigious spokespeople and analysts…” then…

5. They bomb, invade and begin to control the target country and call it “liberation”; then…

6. As the target country falls fully under their control, they impose “the kind of democracy that we want to see” (as Hillary Clinton before visiting Egypt and Tunisia on March 10, 2011), until finally…

7. They steal appetizing oil, mineral and agricultural reserves handing them over to Global Power Elite corporations, and impose unnecessary private banking debt and call it “foreign investment and reconstruction.”

Their keynotes are: Force and Hypocrisy, which they have used time and again to destroy entire countries, always in the name of “freedom”, “democracy”, “peace” and “human rights”. Utmost force and violence is used to achieve their ends and goals.

Their Elders recommended this many decades ago in a blueprint for World Domination written on a hoary manuscript of old…

“What did you say…? That you don’t want to be ‘liberated’ and ‘democratized’?!?”

“Then, take this Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Hanoi, Berlin, Dresden, Baghdad, and Basra!! Take that Tokyo, Gaza, Lebanon, Kabul, Pakistan, Tripoli, Belgrade, Egypt, El Salvador and Grenada!! And take that, Panama, Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Somalia, Africa!!”

Always bombing people to smithereens… Always, of course, in the name of “freedom”, “democracy”, “peace” and “human rights”

Adrian Salbuchi for RT

Adrian Salbuchi is a political analyst, author, speaker and radio/TV commentator in Argentina. www.asalbuchi.com.ar

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Libyan National Transitional Council fighters (AFP Photo / JOSEPH EID) 29.11, 15:57


Bomb voyage: 600 Libyans ‘already fighting in Syria’

The Libyan government apparently wants to share its successful experience of overthrowing the Gaddafi regime with like-minded Syrians. It has sent 600 of its troops to support local militants against the Assad regime, according to media reports.

Syria unrest

Iran, Tehran: Iranian protesters gather outside the British embassy as some break into it and bring down the British flag (L) in Tehran on November 29, 2011 (AFP Photo / Atta Kenare) 29.11, 16:55


Iran attack: UK embassy stormed in Tehran (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Dozens of Iranian students have stormed the UK embassy in Tehran, chanting “death to England.” Before police intervened, protesters pelted the embassy with stones and petrol bombs, brought down the flag, and destroyed a pile of classified documents.

Pretoria November 30, 2011, 00:16


“The great thing about democracy is that it gives every voter a chance to do something stupid” A.S.

Willam Morgan November 29, 2011, 23:57


I purchased the book The American Republic Manifestum from Amazon. When I got it I of course read it. If these words are true, then the author” An American” will start a revolution in America not seen since 1770. This is bigger than any protest I have ever seen. The rest of the world should read this book, because it could happen in your country as well. If the old America falls with this new republic then we all are in for one hell of a ride…http://american-republic.org/

I am also wondering by the context of this book if these people who wrote it either know where the “spear of destiny” is or they have it to create either the fourth Reich or the American republic or both?

Adrian Salbuchi November 29, 2011, 22:25

On the Money with Peter Hebert, “Black Friday at Walmart,” November 29, 2011

Filed under: Commentary — Peter Hebert @ 7:25 PM

This half hour segment of On the Money with Peter Hebert is about Black Friday at Walmart. The title of this commentary is “The Corporate War on Consumers and the Battle for Bargains: Corporate Marketing, American Consumerism, Black Friday, and the Capital Markets.” The discussion opens with economic malfeasance and a corporation’s use of the law of demand to manipulate consumer behavior. Note: Explicit language in the cell phone recordings taken within Walmart after Officer Rorke body slammed a customer face first onto the store’s floor. Listen here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/peterhebert/2011/11/29/black-friday-at-walmart

On the Money with Peter Hebert, “The Corporate War on Consumers and the Battle for Bargains,” November 29, 2011

Filed under: Commentary — Peter Hebert @ 7:22 AM

The Corporate War on Consumers and the Battle for Bargains: Corporate Marketing, American Consumerism,
Black Friday, and the Capital Markets

Economic Mischief

Anyone who has just a superficial understanding of economics will be able to repeat what is taught in every economics class. It goes something like this, “If you want to increase demand, lower the cost.” An academic discussion with an abstract example or two will follow to explain the law of demand. The lesson translates into the relevance of more sales coming from more customers placing more demand on lower priced goods.

The professor will chalk up the board with an X and Y axis and different relationships between different price points and quantities sold. The monotone lecture might sound something like this:

“A, B and C are points on the demand curve. Each point on the curve reflects a direct correlation between quantity demanded (Q) and price (P). So, at point A, the quantity demanded will be Q1 and the price will be P1, and so on.” Taken from Investopedia: http://www.investopedia.com/university/economics/economics3.asp#ixzz1f3KzxTj7

The result of this economic insight is that business leaders become lab coat technicians and serve as the de facto invisible hand of the market. This is a lot of power that comes from just some minor tweaking of numbers. The motives? Profits and bonuses. Those bonuses translate into many wonderful things like more assets and toys, such as houses, farms, beach homes, boats, small planes, a car collection, and so forth.

Those with seats at the decision making tables at the big corporations and box stores know this. So, every Black Friday … that one day of the year after Thanksgiving when people have gathered with family … corporations slash prices, they engage in no tree left behind direct marketing, and they advertise around the clock on television.

Battle for Bargains

The deals are too good to be true, but in small print … it’s almost always the same … limited supplies will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. The result of this corporate marketing to consumers looking for good deals on tight budgets is long lines before opening hours. When the starting gate opens, the race begins to the back of the stores for the first come, first serve deals.

In some families, it is a tradition to rise at 4:00 a.m. and stand in line dressed in pajamas at the box store of choice. Some show up for the sport of the experience and with no shopping list in hand while others have a game plan due to coupons or actual need. In other families around the world, they fly in to the United States to visit family for Thanksgiving and to do their serious annual shopping.

Across the Nation

It should be common knowledge that an enjoyable shopping experience can become a mindless tragedy in one of these big stores, where the corporate executives have done a bang up job in pushing a low priced item that is hot … like a high definition flat screen television. Consider Black Friday … 2011.

In Southington, Connecticut, the police stationed at the Walmart used a stun gun – a taser – on 37-year-old Patrick Brew. His offense was fighting with officers, which amounted to resisting arrest; and cutting in front of the check out line. See

In San Leandro, California, a shopper at the Hesperian Boulevard Walmart refused to hand over some purchases to a man with a gun. The armed robber was with back up – his buddies. The Walmart shopper, 21-year-old Chris Morillo, tried to fight back, but ended up in the hospital with a gun shot wound. See

In San Fernando Valley, California, an idiotic American consumer pepper sprayed roughly 20 other shoppers in the Porter Ranch Walmart in order to ward them off from the X-Box 360 video game that she wanted to purchase at half price. The end result was kids screaming in panic and people sprawled out on the floors as they took cover. Customers screamed, “Call an ambulance! Call an ambulance!” See

In western Michigan, a 15-year-old girl was trampled in the race to the electronics department of a Walmart. She had to be taken to a hospital. See http://www.woodtv.com/dpp/news/local/muskegon_county/girl-stepped-on-in-black-friday-rush

In Kissimmee, Florida, two men fought at a Walmart jewelry counter. One of the two, 35-year-old Oswald Antonio Cruz Marbert, was arrested and jailed for resisting arrest. See http://www.sun-sentinel.com/os-kissimmee-walmart-black-friday-fight-20111125,0,7869014.story

In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, a woman in a Walmart was robbed. Customers say they heard five gunshots. A 55-year-old woman was shot in the foot and a 25-year-old man was shot in the head.

In Rome, New York, two women inside the Walmart fought over $30 cell phones. They injured each other, and both were taken to the hospital. Another man was taken to jail due to disorderly conduct. See http://www.app.com/article/20111125/NJNEWS18/311250032/2-hurt-1-arrested-Wal-Mart-store-Black-Friday-brawl-upstate-NY

In Kingston, North Carolina, a Walmart store security officer unleashed pepper spray onto customers in an attempt to tame the crowd maddened by the store’s low prices.

In Florence, Alabama, security officers used a stun gun on a disorderly customer.

In Buck Eye, Arizona, in-store police officers body slammed 54-year-old Jerald Newman face first onto the floor. He was suspected of shoplifting, and was trying to get his grand son out of the press of the maddening crowd. The police broke the man’s face open and left him unconscious on the bloodied floor. One onlooker yelled at the idiotic police behavior, “Get that on camera. See how fucked up that is.” Another shopper mocked the police and yelled, “Someone call 911!” Newman’s grandson cried out, “Grandpa! Grandpa!” After ten minutes of being unconscious, Newman was taken to jail. Some customers said Newman had done nothing wrong. See

In South Charleston, West Virginia, Target customers walked over the dead body of 61-year-old Walter Vance. Vance shopped until he dropped … dead due to a a history of heart problems. Those who knew and worked with Vance, a pharmacist at the Aracoma Drug Company store, were astonished that the Good Samaritan-side of people was absent among the Target customers on Black Friday. See

In Florida, the shopping was heavy and store employees worked long hours. A 36-year-old Target employee drove home after a grueling work period during Black Friday. She was so exhausted, that she drove her car into a Palm Beach County canal. Unable to swim, but able to reach for her cell phone as her car sank into the water, she called for help. But, the connection was cut short. Rescuers arrived in time to save the unidentified woman from drowning.

In Fayetteville, North Carolina, gun shots were heard outside and then inside of the Cross Creek Mall. Small shops closed, but the Mall did not evacuate the customers. Cross Creek Mall spokeswoman Tammy Hopkins said, “From what we understand, obviously, it was an isolated incident, an unusual incident. It doesn’t seem to have dampened the shopping spirit at the mall.” See http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/10422570/

According to the Business Inquirer, “Walmart spokesperson Greg Rossiter said Black Friday was safe at most of its nearly 4,000 US outlets, but there were ‘a few unfortunate incidents.’” See http://business.inquirer.net/32325/black-friday-is-bargain-hunters’-big-day Yet, by its own corporate conduct, the Walmart smiley face has been replaced by the yellow police tape that reads, “Police line. Do not cross.”

The Capital Markets

The 2011 Black Friday was anticipated to be “the biggest on record with a staggering 152 million people predicted to shop over the weekend – up 10 per cent on last year, according to estimates,” according to the National Retail Federation. See http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2066011/Pepper-spray-Black-Friday-sales-madness-grandfather-body-slammed-cops.html

On Monday, Monday, November 28, 2011, CNN reported “U.S. stocks posted sharp gains after reports of strong Black Friday weekend sales and amid optimism that European leaders may be working toward a solution to the European debt crisis. The Dow Jones industrial average soared 291 points, or 2.6 percent, the S&P 500 added 34 points, or 2.9 percent, and the Nasdaq composite rose 86 points, or 3.5 percent. The advance broke a 4-day losing streak for the Dow and seven consecutive days of declines for the S&P 500 and Nasdaq.”

The Dark Side of Capitalism

Capitalism is not evil. It is good. And, so is making a profit. But, the precise management of the economic metrics and database and mass marketing that drive crowds must be balanced with what results: a frenzied mob behaving like dumb animals masquerading as human beings. These are the market’s “animal spirits” described by Adam Smith … fear and greed … seated within the limbic system of the brain of every person. And, Walmart seems to have the corner on attracting the basest of these “animal spirits” from across the country to patronize its box stores.

In heavy traffic, a crowd of cars can only move as fast as the slowest moving vehicles regardless of how many lanes are on the highway. At the gates to any event be it a concert, a cruise, or a box store … the crowd can move forward only as fast as the slowest moving members of the crowd. The results are accidents, mayhem, and disappointments when the less patient among us rush head long to meet their objectives.

Disappointment is a function of expectation. Shopper rage is pathetic and disgusting, but understandable when seen in light of the fact that when a store stocks just ten super low priced items for 100 or 1,000 expecting customers, repercussions will follow.

The executives at the box stores that pushed the super low prices and drove the customers in to shop are primarily responsible for the mindless mayhem. They are the invisible hand of the market. They are the hands above the marionette pulling its strings. They are the Ph.D. economists, MBAs, and senior level executives in marketing who are well paid and also compensated in stocks and performance bonuses. These industry leaders and marketplace experts are idiots. Oddly, the graduate level professors of business and economics are largely silent on the connections between economic malfeasance and violence on the store room floors across the United States of America.

The greed, narcism, stupidity, and mayhem that characterize Black Friday are symptoms of moral and spiritual bankruptcy. It’s not limited to the American way of life. Foreigners, in fact, come to the states to shop till they drop on Black Friday. Some outlet malls around the nation provide multi- language announcements in the public spaces in much more than just English and Spanish.

The Walmart business model is based on the worst elements of globalism. It’s a store front for China and thrives on exploitative capitalism on its labor force in every part of the supply chain. The documentary film Wal-Mart: The High Cost Of Low Price describes this. See .

Before Black Friday, Michelle Mundy of Albeqerque, New Mexico organized a national Black Friday Walmart Boycott by using Facebook to promote the cause. Mundy’s reasons for the boycott rested on the box store’s business model that exploits its employees by paying low wages and then externalizing health care costs onto the local jurisdictions. After the disgusting corporate driven consumer fest, Susan Reinhardt of Citizen-Times.com stated that Black Friday must end, because it has become “a fatal holiday pastime.” See http://www.blogtalkradio.com/peterhebert/2011/11/08/the-black-friday-walmart-boycott

I was in “little India” in midtown Manhattan during the Thanksgiving holiday break. My wife and I were in the city to see a play at the Repertorio Español titled El Color Del Deseo (The Color of Desire). The unstated underlying message of the play was the perennial adage from the world’s holy teachers. As Buddhists note, “There is suffering in the world due to desire.” And, as the New Testament notes, “There is corruption in the world due to lust.” And, as the Law of Moses states, “You shall not covet.” Yes, Jesus Christ nailed it when we were warned, “The love of money is the root of all evil.” The color of desire is the black of total spiritual darkness and suffering. And, that is precisely what Black Friday does to the human soul.

Around the corner from the Repertorio Español, I saw an Indian woman shake her head and berate her husband, “We have been walking all over the city wasting our time and we could have been inside Bloomingdales shopping!”

# # #

November 28, 2011

On the Money with Peter Hebert, “Visit to Zuccotti Park and Impressions of Occupy Wall Street,” November 28, 2011

Filed under: Commentary — Peter Hebert @ 8:25 PM

This half hour segment of On the Money with Peter Hebert is titled “Visit to Zuccotti Park and Impressions of Occupy Wall Street.” The NYPD outnumbered the protestors by three-to-one. The overnight stays have ended. But, the many different messages continue – restore Glass-Steagall, honor the social contract, make corporations pay their fair share of taxes, and the two party system is a fraud.http://www.blogtalkradio.com/peterhebert/2011/11/28/visit-to-zuccotti-park-and-impressions-of-occupy-wall-street

November 23, 2011

Peter Hebert is the second hour guest on Time Out with Kevin Gallagher, November 22, 2011

Filed under: Commentary — Peter Hebert @ 5:37 AM

Peter Hebert is the second hour guest on Time Out with Kevin Gallagher. Primary focus is dead beat cops, who shame their departments and undermine rights. (Start time is at the 60 minute mark)

November 22, 2011

Enforcing Banking Regulations

Filed under: Commentary — Peter Hebert @ 2:36 PM

Notes from Underground 2.0

Filed under: Commentary — Peter Hebert @ 12:17 PM

Everything is Fine !!!! ██████ Fake ██████ President ██████ running ██████ a fake ██████ Economy ██ with █████ fake ████ dollars ████ while ██ the ████ mainstream ████ media ██████ distributes ████ all ████ ████ the ██ fake ████ ████ news ███ And then █████ in between █████ the fake █████ news ████ bits █████ the ████ advertisers ████ come ████ on and ████ promote ████ their fake ████ foods █████ …

November 21, 2011

On the Money with Peter Hebert, “Business as Usual,” November 21, 2011

Filed under: Commentary — Peter Hebert @ 7:19 PM

This half hour segment of On the Money with Peter Hebert is titled “Business as Usual.” The basis for the commentary begins with the unsustainable federal debt and the inability of the polarized political parties to come to an agreement to determine how elected representatives can meet the nation’s obligations. Other topics include the connections between the Occupy Wall Street movement and the Civil Rights era; and the limits of peaceful non violence resistance and free speech in the face of dead beat cops in service of the police state. Recent American history shows that tragic tipping points are what is need for real change to end business as usual. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/peterhebert/2011/11/21/business-as-usual-1

November 18, 2011

Obama Nation, the Bombs, and the Bullets

Filed under: Commentary — Peter Hebert @ 6:44 AM

Sometime not long ago, Americans turned a dark corner. As we turned that corner, Americans lost respect for its institutions that included the federal government, the corporate sector, and the mainstream media.

It started with 9/11, the Patriot Act, and the so-called “war on terror.” These resulted in a war on the Muslim and Arab world in order to seize their resources; and a war on Americans by implementing a police state within the United States of America.

The financial crisis revealed political incompetence, legislative and regulatory malfeasance, regulatory capture; and a culture of corruption in the White House, the Congress, and the Supreme Court. We the People responded with the Tea Party. This was largely white middle aged Americans with traditional values. The singular slogan was, “We want our country back!” Left of center media whores dismissed these Americans as racists and neo-Nazis, who disliked Obama because of his black skin color. The Tea Party took the high road and worked within the political system.

Obama, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, then bombed Libya, which never attacked the United States of America. There was no just war theory at play. The war on Libya lacked merit for American involvement. Yet, America bombed Libya.

Then the economic crisis followed. Foreclosures, unemployment, food stamps, corporate fraud with no accountability, and big bonuses in the financial sector were among the many unsettling headlines. We the People responded with the Occupy Wall Street movement. People poured out into the streets of many cities across the nation. The Occupy Movement took the low road and worked by creating fire and smoke on the streets of the many cities across the nation. It was as if the Greek riots were paying America a special visit. Right of center media whores dismissed these Americans as lazy hippies.

In pop culture, black rappers sang about Obama as a fraud, a New World Order puppet, and CIA insider.

Then 21-year-old Oscar Ortega-Hernandez drove from Idaho to Occupy D.C. He hated Obama and saw the President as the Antichrist. After Ortega-Hernandez fired bullets into the White House, he left his car, and ran away. Police caught him. Occupy San Diego then held a “moment of silence in solidarity with” Oscar Ortega-Hernandez. (See http://www.theblaze.com/stories/occupy-san-diego-holds-moment-of-silence-for-white-house-shooting-suspect/). This moment of stupidity had the hallmarks of the legalize marijuana crowd.

Hating Obama’s policies is not difficult. Hating Bush’s policies was not difficult either. Both Bush and Obama are the worst Presidents in American history. And, both are Antichrist-like figures. A political leader’s actions speak for themselves. This charge against Obama is not new and was all over You Tube videos during the 2008 election period.

Microchips pushed onto the public via legislation, unjust wars, and murdered civilians abroad don’t quite make for a popular President. What comes to mind, frankly, is the the phrase from the Gospels: “the abomination that makes desolate.” Jesus Christ said, “The devil is a thief, liar, and a murderer.” That describes our recent war mongering political leaders in the two party system.

I don’t think We the People are going back around the corner from where we once were. We’re calling it as we see it come what may. I am sticking with the basics and the facts. “We want our country back!”

November 14, 2011

Insider Trading Amongst Politicians – 60 Minutes HOT’ Expose Story!

Filed under: Commentary — Peter Hebert @ 6:26 PM
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