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October 31, 2011

Kevin Barrett’s radio show schedule

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Kevin Barrett’s radio show schedule

Monday, October 31, 2011

Will armed cops end the Fed? Will the BBC correct its 9/11 lies?

Truth Jihad Radio Mon. 10/31/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio(archived here.) Call-in: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour, Peter Hebert, author of Mortgaged and Armed – more than a buyer beware book for homebuyers, and more than an exposé of the mortgage industry. (Read my review here.)

Peter has his own radio show, “On the Money with Peter Hébert.” He recently reported on cops flash-mobbing the Federal Reserve.

Second hour: Paul Warburton reports live from the UK on his campaign to get the BBC to acknowledge and correct the many grotesque errors in its 9/11 reporting. (Here is his letter from last July; below is his latest.) We will also discuss the Occupy protests, which are apparently heating up in London. Paul Warburton is a human rights lawyer and independent parliamentary candidate, as well as one of the UK’s leading voices for 9/11 truth. He was one of the presenters at the recent London conference on State Crimes Against Democracy.

Nixon Ends Bretton Woods International Monetary System

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Under Nixon and Volcker, the United States of America came off of the international gold standard and went to a fiat currency. Shortly thereafter, an $80,000 house close in Washington, D.C. became $250,000. During the housing bubble years, that same house topped $1 million.

Occupy Wall Street = What Democrats, Nazis And Communists All Have In Common

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I support the complaints against financial sector fraud and control over the federal government. But, the snippets in this video clip show another side of the Occupy Wall Street Movement that suggest it’s populated by the legalize drugs crowd. Some cannot even give one reason why they are protesting. Others are too far out there … completely outside the pale of reason, incapable of formulating any serious solution.

October 30, 2011

SCHULZ GOES TO WALL STREET — Gives The Constitution A Voice

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October 29, 2011


Gives The Constitution A Voice

October 29, 2011

A Message To Occupy Wall Street Movement

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Jesus Christ is the hinge of history, and He spoke at the Occupy Judea rally 2,000 years ago. An oppressed and over taxed population of Jews had been pushed and pushed by the Romans and those viewed as traitors among the Jews … the teachers of the law and the priests in the Temple. The words of Jesus Christ will last forever, because they are perennial … timeless … and speak hope and direction to every generation regardless of culture, language, or geography.

Yes … Lord! Deliver us from evil. Bring Satan’s kingdom down in our day. May we be accounted worthy to see Your handiwork. May this generation stand in awe and all exclaim, “God is mighty and lives and pulls down the oppressive strong holds of the evil ones.” Amen! So be it!

October 28, 2011

George Carlin on Americanism

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“There is just enough bullshit to hold things together in this country. Bullshit is the glue, that binds us as a nation. Where would we be without our safe, familiar, American bullshit? Land of the free, home of the brave, the American dream, all men are equal, justice is blind, the press is free, your vote counts, business is honest, the good guys win, the police are on your side, god is watching you, your standard of living will never decline… and everything is going to be just fine— The official national bullshit story. I call it the American okie doke. Every one, every one of those items is probably untrue at one level or another, but we believe them because they’re pounded into our heads from the time we’re children. That’s what they do with that kind of thing—pound it into the heads of kids, ‘cause they know the children are much too young to be able to muster an intellectual defense against a sophisticated idea like that, and they know that up to a certain age children believe everything their parents tell them. And as a result, they never learn to question things. Nobody questions things in this country anymore. Nobody questions it—everybody is too fat and happy. Everybody’s got a cell phone that’ll make pancakes and rub their balls now— Way too fucking prosperous for our own good. Way too fucking prosperous, Americans have been bought off and silenced by toys and gizmos. And no one learns to question things.” ~ George Carlin

Professor Murray Sabrin admits Ron Paul is silenced by the media because of the Federal Reserve

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On the Money with Peter Hebert, “The Whole World is Watching,” October 28, 2011

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This pre-recorded half hour segment of On the Money with Peter Hebert is titled “The Whole World is Watching.” This commentary is based on the state-driven crack down on free speech and the police brutality directed against the Occupy Wall Street Movement. In Oakland, California dead beat cops fired into a crowd of unarmed civilians and critically wounded a Marine veteran. In lower Manhattan, the crowd marched in solidarity with those in Oakland after word got out via alternative media of the police brutality as evidenced by You Tube video that recorded events that looked like a war zone. The New York City Police – New York’s “finest” … also behaved like dead beat cops, and mercilessly beat civilians … only armed with Free Speech. The Whole World is Watching!LISTEN TO THE SHOW: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/peterhebert/2011/11/01/the-whole-world-is-watching

About 1,000 Attend Vigil for Injured Iraq Vet Scott Olsen

Police raid Occupy Oakland, Oct 25, 5am

Police Attack Oakland #Solidarity March – NYC October 26th, 2011

October 27, 2011

Banksy Arts Up Occupy London

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On the Money with Peter Hebert, “Age of Deceit,” October 27, 2011

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This pre recorded two part segment of On the Money with Peter Hebert features an exclusive interview with West coast film producer Gonzo Shimora. His doc film Age of Deceit explores the question of the dark spiritual forces driving the global elite to create a New World Order. Age of Deceit is on You Tube, it is in depth, and it is compelling.


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