On The Money with Peter Hebert

September 7, 2011

On the Money with Peter Hebert, “Obama Dissed!” September 7, 2011

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This live two hour installment of On the Money with Peter Hebert is titled “Obama Dissed!” Why does Capitol Hill hate Mr. Obama? Tune in, call in, and find out why. Mr. Obama is the first President in United States history to be rebuffed by America’s elected leaders in a request to hold a joint session of Congress. Congress has determined that Mr. Obama will remain a lame duck, dissed, and a humiliated President until the end of this failed historic presidency that continues to divide and polarize the nation. The show is between 8 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. EST during the Republic primary debate, and callers are welcomed to participate by calling (877) 694-5611.

See om/tctradio/2011/09/08/obama-dissed

Here’s an opening excerpt from the show:

We’ve got a bug planted in the White House, and we were able to get this transcript. It’s Mr. Obama, in desperation, reaching out to Larry Summers for some direction on the Jobs Speech, that Congress delayed hearing for one day. Here it is.

Obama: Larry, I need to speak with you about your email.

Summers: Mr. President. Of course.

Obama: I’ve been working with my new economics team on Parabolic Economics, the last idea you left us with.

Summers: Yes, Mr. President. And, how is that coming along?

Obama: Larry, we’ve got the formula down Y=X2. But, we still cannot get the unemployment numbers back down below 4 percent.

Summers: Mr. President, switch up the factors. Put the X 2 on the other side and transform it into a fraction, and then solve for Y.

Obama: Got it. And, that will guide us out of this economic problem?

Summers: Mr. President, it should. Keep working on that problem, and remember that what goes up must come down. That’s why it’s called Parabolic Economics.

Obama: Larry, refresh my memory. What exactly is a parabola?

Summers: Mr. President, a parabola is a symmetrical open plane curve formed by the intersection of a cone with a plane parallel to its side. The path of a projectile under the influence of gravity ideally follows a curve of this shape. Sort of like our economy.

Obama: Larry, I don’t recall learning that in Economics 101.

Summers: Mr. President, that’s right. You didn’t. It’s a term with a mathematical equation that comes out of physics.

Obama: Okay.

Summers: Mr. President. Did you take any courses in physics?

Obama: No, Larry.

Summers: Mr. President. We live in a multi dimensional universe. Consumers, taxpayers, they are no different from quarks in quantum mechanics. It’s the same thing.

Obama: Run that by me again.

Summers: The consumer. Is he or is he not confident? The light particle. Is it or is it not a wave? Or a particle?

Obama: I see.

Summers: That’s right. You need to be decisive. Tell America that you plan to build another long bridge, another Hoover damn … with your name on it, of course, Mr. President. You might want to also have your name put up in lights, Mr. President.

Obama: Good stuff, Larry.

Summers: Mr. President, be decisive. Those quarky voters will see the light.


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