On The Money with Peter Hebert

June 9, 2011

These Changing Timez, “On The Money with Peter Hebert,” June 8, 2011

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This two hour live segment of On The Money with Peter Hebert is discussion of the issues of the week. We spoke about the need for Representative Anthony D. Weiner (D-New York) to resign. We then turned our attention to conspiracy theories and Truther Girl’s response to Jonathan Kay’s “Among the Truthers” (See AND http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/15/books/review/book-review-among-the-truthers-by-jonathan-kay.html) and Hebert’s response in “Conspiracy Theories and the Big Bad Wolf” to the national phenomenon (See https://mortgageauthor.wordpress.com/2011/06/03/on-the-money-with-peter-hebert-conspiracy-theories-and-the-big-bad-wolf-june-3-2011). We took on Judge John D. Bates versus Adam Kokesh and company (See https://mortgageauthor.wordpress.com/2011/06/06/on-the-money-with-peter-hebert-its-a-crime-to-hug-kiss-and-dance-within-the-jefferson-memorial-june-6-2011). We then discussed Brigitte Gabriel’s ACT! for America and gave it the label it deserves – a fear mongering hate group to marginalize and vilify Muslims and Arabs in support of a Zionist agenda. We addressed a Haaretz article titled “Iran: Israel and U.S. are trying to provoke a regional war” (See http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/iran-israel-and-u-s-are-trying-to-provoke-a-regional-war-1.366660). And, we discussed a rumor floating on the Internet about the sale of state property to Chinese-company Sinomach to develop technology zones. (See http://www.idahostatesman.com/2010/12/31/1472023/chinese-company-eyes-boise.html AND http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/china-wants-to-construct-a-50-square-mile-self-sustaining-city-south-of-boise-idaho AND http://www.sinomach.com.cn/templates/T_common_en/index.aspx?nodeid=147 AND www.cityofboise.org).

Listen to the show here.


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