On The Money with Peter Hebert

June 6, 2011

On The Money with Peter Hebert, “It’s a Crime to Hug, Kiss, and Dance Within the Jefferson Memorial,” June 6, 2011

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The U.S. Park Police choked, body slammed, and arrested unarmed American citizens Saturday, May 28, 2011, which was during the Memorial Day weekend as they engaged in an act of civil disobedience for hugging, kissing, and dancing within the Jefferson Memorial. My first reaction to the video clips that showed U.S. Park Police violently body slamming and then choking a former marine, candidate for Congress, and now television show host was utter disbelief. I felt violated when I saw United States Marine Corp veteran Adam Kokesh, the Russia Today host of Adam versus the Man, body slammed and then choked. Five people were arrested among the dozen there in the act of civil disobedience. Among them was Medea Benjamin of Code Pink.

After being body slammed, a U.S. Park Police thug chokes
an unarmed and non resisting Adam Kokesh.

At issue behind the civil disobedience was a court decision issued by U.S. District Court Judge John D. Bates in January 2011 that banned dancing within the Jefferson Memorial. The Bates decision stemmed from an April 12, 2008 incident in which several people met at the Jefferson Memorial to celebrate the 265th birthday of Thomas Jefferson. They danced to music from their headphones, the U.S. Park Police told them to stop dancing, and they then arrested Mary Oberwetter for refusing to comply with U.S. Park Police. Oberwetter then sued, but Judge Bates opined in a 26-page ruling that “expressiv­e dancing” undermines “an atmosphere of calm, tranquilit­y, and reverence” at the memorial.”

Judge John Bates, the face of anti-Americanism.

Judge Bates is responsible for the new face of the Nazi Police State, and the violent actions of the U.S. Park Police against visitors to the Jefferson Memorial. Many, however, know that Judge Bates’ decision was wrong-headed and represents a Know Nothingism that does not belong on any bench. Bates attacked the First Amendment. Moreover, the memorials dedicated to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln are places of celebration of exceptional lives that have positively impacted all of us. If we are there for any feeling of awe, it’s due to the grand size of the architecture and the statues. Our forefathers were mortals, not gods. Bates’ ruling was of such a nature that sought to widen the chasm between ordinary mortals and our deified forefathers. If we reflect on their lives … they were people, just like us … at the right place, at the right time, and with us in mind … to stand up to tyranny. They do not want our reverence. They want us to enjoy the freedoms they handed down to us through limited government when the branches of government do not transgress on the other branches of government, or trample upon the Bill of Rights.

The dead beat cop with the U.S. Park Police. He body slammed
and choked Adam Kokesh. The new face of Nazism in America.

The fact is Americans are expressive, and the several memorials on the Mall are not somber places of mournful reflection. Will the U.S. Park Police threaten people with arrest for dancing at the Vietnam Memorial or the World War II Memorial? These are indeed somber memorials. But, since when does a judge or another person have the right to dictate to another what is an appropriate emotional or physical expression when in public? Will the judge rule that laughing, crying, hugging, holding hands, sitting, bowing, kneeling, praying, or any other action of free people may threaten the “atmosphere of calm, tranquility, and reverence” at the other memorials.

The public’s act of civil disobedience was followed up on Saturday, June 4, 2011. Citizen journalism video clips of law enforcement that day showed a completely different pattern of behavior. No one got body slammed or choked for dancing. But, law enforcement had back up. There was a police officer brandishing a machine gun to use on the dressed to dance American citizens if they got out of line. This is not the America I grew up with, the America for which my family members gave their lives through military service, or the America I love. The body slamming and choking dead beat cop and the machine gunning wielding cop represent everything that is wrong with America. Freedom and the American people are not the enemy. Civil disobedience and more are correct responses to government gone stupid and mad.


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