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April 30, 2011

Barack Obama and the Birth Certificate (updated)

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I never paid attention to the “birther” issue, I will admit. I early on dismissed Israeli-American Orly Taitz as possibly having an agenda, because Obama may have been perceived as not being pro-Israel enough. As a result, I did not follow her allegations or the legal challenges. Taitz, however, filed a series of lawsuits against Obama in connection with social security fraud, the legal definition of a natural born citizen, and his eligibility to be President given the lack of a real birth certificate.

I studied Adobe Photoshop and though I did not do the analysis myself, it is clear to me that the birth certificate released by the White House is bogus. The nation is populated with computer literate people, who understand Adobe software. I have seen many video clips on You Tube posted by Photoshop experts. All of these recent You Tube clips focus on the same key idea – layers, the lack of flattening or merging them into one layer, and the obvious question: How could they be so stupid or careless with such an obvious and easily detectable fraud?

Alex Jones’ take on this is that the White House wants America to know they are committing a fraud. The other possible explanation is that an incompetent created the document and forgot to flatten all the layers. Or, an insider deliberately did not flatten the layers in order to expose Obama as behind this fraud, or to out him. Only one thing is certain as I can tell at this point: This newly released birth certificate is a fraud.

On another note, there are three races: Caucasoid (Caucasian or White), Mongoloid (Asiatic), and Negroid (Black). The birth certificate submitted by the White House notes Obama’s father’s race as “African.” African is a designation that refers to a place of origin, and, in this case, the world’s largest inhabited continent. The race of Obama’s father should read Negro or Negroid. This was 1961, not 2011. Word usage changes over time, and the word Negro was quite common back then. Racial classifications have also changed over time with an ethnicity break out as a sub category. Oddly, Kenya did not exist in 1961 since it was a British protectorate. That nation came into being in 1963. Yet, Barack Obama’s birth certificate lists his father’s place of origin as Kenya.

There are four people, who deserve a lot of credit in forcing the birth certificate issue. These are Orly Taitz, Jerome Corsi, Donald Trump, and Pastor Manning. Each one is so different, yet have all relentlessly taken on the topic.

Orly Taitz on Russia Today

Jerome Corsi’s Book Advertisement

Donald Trump Wants to See Obama’s Birth Certificate

Pastor Manning on Obama

Alex Jones clip

Adobe Photoshop analysis

Here’s a You Tube clip with almost 80,000 views within the first two days. “Proof Obama’s 4/27/11 ‘Long Form Certificate of Birth’ is Forged!”

Obama has set many firsts for America. He is America’s first mulatto President (he is not black). He is the first to be sued by approximately 26 states in connection with legislation. He was the first President to permit himself to look foolish in a 4/20 town hall meeting hosted by Facebook. 4:20 is a code phrase for getting stoned. No American President has ever stooped to pander to America’s pot smokers for publicity or improved poll results. This was shameful. And, he is the first to be repeatedly sued in connection with his eligibility to serve as President.

I guess we should watch the news for another White House staff member having their car explode and catch on fire while in the garage with the staffer trapped in the car. Call me a cynic or a jaded American, if you like. I do not consider myself a “birther” and it’s not a topic I really care about. The recently released birth certificate, however, is clearly a fraud.

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